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As science graduates, we have seen how little is known about the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare marketing agencies and how difficult it is to seek information, build a network and apply for roles. This support is not currently provided to students or graduates by universities, nor does the industry proactively reach out to diverse talent with relevant backgrounds. 

This results in frustrated individuals unaware of how to break into the industry and a pool of highly-skilled talent going un-tapped.HCA was set up to bridge this gap.

To provide inside knowledge of the different career pathways possible within pharma and healthcare agencies and provide the most important training required by the industry so that both young and experienced applicants are aware of their potential and are set up for success.

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Our Vision:

For every student, new graduate or qualified individual to be set up for success in their future career as a pharma or healthcare agency professional, thereby increasing the diversity of talent.

Our Mission:

To educate and to upskill a diverse range of individuals with practical experience and on-the-job training, allowing them to hit the ground the running and be ready for their next role in healthcare marketing or pharmaceutical industry.

98% of Alumni feel more prepared for their next role.

600+ students are currently enrolled for the next cohort.

100% Alumni would recommend this course to a friend.

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Send us an email at connect@hcacademy.co.uk with any questions or to find out more
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